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Posted by Shawn on June 18, 2010
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First off, my two week waiting period with Addictinggames is up, so Escape 5 is now here on the site

As an added bonus I've also uploaded Swain's Mastermind: World Conqueror game to the site. After all you can even hire Afro-Ninja to assist in your plans for world domination...

Next up: Territory War. The next installment in the series will officially be called Territory War 3. No, not Territory War Online 2. TWO made a notable step forward with online play so I felt the need to tack 'online' to the title. TW3 however will continue the series forward so I feel that online play is a given.

As for the current version of TWO, there will be no more updates. None. Ever. As far as I'm concerned the source code is to be sealed away like an ancient relic.

I do not intend to start TW3 until the end of this year. Keyword start, so don't expect anything until 2011. I'm going to be taking a break from flash this summer to learn some new things, as well as explore Philadelphia a bit. I have a couple game ideas I might work on casually but that's all I can say for now

Lastly, Puzzmosis has not been forgotten. In fact, it's fairly close to finished. We all sort of got side tracked with different projects, and there have been some delays on the audio end of things. Expect it sometime this summer.

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