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First Official TW3 Annoucements

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Posted by Shawn on March 31, 2012
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I know this game has been a long time coming, and progress has been slow in the past, but I think I'm finally far enough along to start revealing some official TW3 Info:

Google+ Integration

Social Networking is what it's all about these days, and TW3 will be on the cutting edge of integration. Products like Google Wave demonstrate Google's commitment to new technology, and I'm happy to be a part of that. What better way to let your friends know how awesome you are at an internet video game?

Volcanic Island Stage

Diversity has been a big motto of the TW3 level design process thus far. In an attempt to cover all types of terrain I've designed the 'Volcanic Island,' which is an unprecedented first in the Territory War Series.

Nuke Weapon

Often requested since the very first Territory war, The Nuke will be making an appearance in TW3. Each team receives one nuke per round. Use of the nuke will eliminate the entire stage and all players standing on it. It will also disconnect you from the server and erase your stats. You'll win the match though, so choose wisely!

The Void III

Continuing the diversity theme, Void III takes the 'outer space' concept very literally. Gone are the days of randomized comets and planets, or anything period. Void III is free-floating free-for-all where your grenade tossing skills become all but useless. Watch out for black holes!

Castle II

Seeing as how the Castle was one of the most popular "balanced" stages in the last game, I thought I'd demonstrate some ingenuity by converting it to a randomized stage, a la Void II. Since Void III has transcended random terrain I thought it was only fair to pass the idea on to another map.

Warthog Vehicle

Going against my better judgement I've decided to infringe upon various copyright and intellectual property to bring you the Warthog, direct from Halo! I don't know what it does yet or how it works... But Halo is pretty neato and so is the Warthog, the rest will work itself out.

Map Editor

Tired of fighting on lush, colorful maps? Design your own with this tile-based map editor! Choose from shapes such as square, box, rectangle, plane, block, and diamond (rotated 45 degrees).

Song Editor

Whenever I talk to fans about Territory War the first thing they mention is how sweet the music is. I really wanted to take it a step further this time, so I've diligently created a real-time in-game song editor! Mix and match beats from your favorite TW tracks to create the ultimate mixtape for killing!

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