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Adam Carolla is Not Funny

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Posted by Shawn on October 30, 2005
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There's that funny, funny man! There's that funny, funny man!

Adam Carolla. A poor, misguided man in today's comedic world. It's not that I really ever had a problem with Adam, per se. He has always floated through the annals of late night telvision and B-list movie productions, almost becoming a staple of our nightly tv viewing experience. From Loveline to the Man Show, Adam has always... well.. been there. None of Adam's shows really grabbed me by the balls and forced me to watch, but they didn't cause me any pain either. That is, until Comedy Central decided to release...

Too Late With Adam Carolla

I have to pause from writing for a couple minutes, just so I can think of how to put this show into words. It's not something you can simply describe as "bad," or "annoying." It just fails for so many reasons. The first time I watched the show, I figured out the major one- Adam Carolla flops by himself. The man just isn't funny. He stutters, always has a half assed douche bag smile on his face, laughs at his jokes as he tries to communicate them, and drags his jokes on for too long. Every joke ends with a blank stare into the audience and some nonsensical hand gesture. And he continues. What Comedy Central failed to realise was that through Adam's past endeavors, he was always with someone. Dr. Drew, Jimmy Kimmel, or some random interviewer. Adam just does not function by himself.

Poor doctor Drew Poor doctor Drew

Not only does he deliver his jokes terribly, but they suck in the first place. Any comedian would be hard pressed to get a laugh out of these gems. Half the time Adam tends to stick to sexist jokes. Sexism can be funny, but it seems as if he is still trying to cling on to the tattered remains of his Man Show legacy. Yes Adam, you're a guy, and you think that women equal sex and food. Boobs boobs vagina. We get it. Now get some new damn material.

Apparently Comedy Central started to get their head out of their ass. In a shocking turn of events, they backhanded Adam's show from it's original time slot to midnight. This also seemed to eliminate Adam's studio audience. Adam eliminated his own audience as far as I'm concerned, but we're not pointing fingers. Whereas before audience "laughter" was present to cover up some of Adam's awkwardness, now we just have Adam staring into the camera delivering his brazing jokes and one-liners. Occasionally you can catch a muffled laugh from the background. I'm guessing it's just the camera man or set producer feeling bad for him. Either way I made it a point to write this as soon as I could. After all, Adam's show could be cancelled any second now. And wouldn't that be a damn shame?

Here's to you, Adam Carolla

Cheers! Cheers!

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