Designated Demigod

Designated Demigod is a new kind of combo RPG where you and your pup piece together flashy combos to dismantle a plethora of enemies!

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Soda Dungeon 2

Soda Dungeon 2

Everyone’s favorite laid-back dungeon crawler returns in Soda Dungeon 2. Featuring a new adventure, a whole town to upgrade, crafting, new classes, alternate dimensions, and more! It’s everything you loved about the original plus all the stuff you’ve been asking for.

Territory WAR

Territory WAR

Experience the original stick figure battle game played by millions worldwide! Netplay for TWO has been restored, but not TW3. The original game can be played on Newgrounds. Reconnect with the old community on Discord!

The Escape Series

The Escape Series

A plethora of escape scenarios to work your way through. Including the Car, Closet, Phonebooth, and more!


Hey! I'm Shawn

I used to make a bunch of flash games as 'Afro-Ninja' on Newgrounds. Then I went corporate with AN Productions so I could spend twice as long making slightly bigger, non-flash games. I'm kidding, it's actually just awkward to introduce yourself as 'Afro-Ninja' to real people. The games stuff is true though, I still do that.
Anyway, thanks for visiting!