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Afro Ninja Escape Series #2.5: OMG SCARY ROOM :O

FAQ by Shawn Tanner

Game by Joe and Shawn

-From the start, turn right twice and click on the poster of goku
-Click on goku's groin to tear the poster, revealing the 'dragonballs.' Click and add them to your inventory
-Return to the main room view, and turn right again
-Take the banana hanging in front of you
-Click on the robot for a close-up
-'DEEF EM' is written on the robot's chest, which is 'FEED ME' backwards
-Use the banana on the small hole in the robot's chest
-Take the duct tape that appears when his chest opens
-Return to the main room view, and turn right twice again
-Click on the bookcase
-Open the bottom left door, and take the launcher
-Click on the books area to zoom in again
-Every book on this shelf must be opened
-The password to the book entitled 'Michael's Bonus' is 'OMFG69'
-When you open that book, make sure to take 'Michael's Bonus' on the left page
-After reading all the books, a band will appear in the middle. Take it
-Return to the main room view, and turn right twice
-Go to the safe, and enter 'OMFG69' as the password
-Inside the safe are a series of boxes, some of which must be opened with the code 'OMFG69'
-After six boxes, you will find a phallic object. Add it to your inventory
-Now you have all the items you need. Click on the launcher in your inventory to examine it
-Use your items on it in this order: Duct Tape, Industrial strength band, phallic object, dragonballs, michael's bonus
-Return to the room and face the target. Use the launcher on the target


Other points of interest:

-You can't cheat by pressing tab
-You can't do anything with the mop
-If you examine the ceiling, you'll find a key hidden in the light. This is the Omega unlock all doors key
-This key will in fact open the steel door, revealing a decorated brick wall
-The Incredible breaking hammer can break these bricks, however it is impossible to pick up because it always breaks upon touching
-If you open the doors in the tall cabinet in this order: bottom, top, middle, you get a mario brothers 2 cartridge. It doesn't do anything
-The small penis button has no effect on the outcome of the game whatsoever
-Trying to use the individual items on the target will result in various insults
-Nicholas Cage and his movies suck

Hope you enjoyed the APRIL FOOLS edition!

copyright 2007