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Afro-Ninja Productions wouldn't be what it is without a network of content-featuring websites and fellow artists

Sites that you'll find my work on:

The original flash portal, and the reason I started making content in the first place.
The official sponsor of the Escape Series, AddictingGames has provided me with extra exposure and support.
Known for classics like Stick Arena and Defend Your Castle, Xgen provided me the technology to run Territory WAR Online.
A newcomer to the flash gaming ring, Kongregate lead out strong with their community-oriented gaming features.
Known as 'Flashplayer' back in the day, I've had games on their site for years now.
Video is still a relatively new venture for me but you can find some of my stuff on youtube. (when it isn't being banned for copyright infringement)

The people that I work with:

Masters of audio, Josh and Jason have produced many custom tunes for my projects like Territory WAR and Crystal Lake.
Poxpower is the featured artist for Territory WAR Online. We also created Newgrounds Museum 2 together.
Aaron and I have never directly collaborated on any projects, but have helped each other with playtesting and coding for years.
Swain and I bounce ideas off each other frequently. We created Skincraft together in 2011. Keep an eye out for my cameo in Mastermind: World Conqueror!
The father of the Newgrounds Time Trial and other collabs, you'll be sure to catch some of my work with Luis there.
Dan and I have worked together on SHMUP and my port of Escape the Car for the Xbox Live Indie Arcade.
Nick is the artist I worked with for Black Sheep Acres, and he also has his own collection of web games.
Josh and I started some projects that never came to be, but we still keep in touch to discuss web and game trends.
A renowned flash animator, Mindchamber was awesome enough to provide the new Afro-Ninja logo that you see.
My personal friend Joe Flowers. We teamed up to create our ultimate Friday the 13th tribute: Escape from Camp Crystal Lake.
Creator of Fancy Pants, Brad and I collaborated on a bonus level for Fancy Pants: World 2.
I helped out Zombie with his infamous House of 1000 cats Pico Day flash movie, designing the main menu and scripting the intro slideshow.