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Stuff That Shouldn't Have Made It

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These are either my first creations, or just things I made for fun. For the most part they are very short and stupid. Clicking one will load it below.

The Adventures of Michael J. Clocks
My first movie ever. Voiced by Joe.

Tanner Gets His Teeth Out
I made this the night before I got my wisdom teeth out.

The Scary Ghost
Just a dumb email attachment I converted to flash.

The Story of Game
Game is my cousin that we play smash brothers with.

Ganon's Adventure
Inside Joke.

Teen Slut Patrol
Tickets to Fred Vs. Jason are sold out >:(

Mad Dog Test
It's kinda like Mad Dog from the 3DO, in flash!

The Castrator
Mom's idea. Haha.

Bottle Game
More action than most first person shooters.

Choose Your Own Adventure
The next level of interactive gaming.

Playing around with my new 3-d program.

More 3-d experiments. Don't ask.

My First Good Movie
Ben's first good movie.

Yes, it is the coolest movie ever.

Ben is funny.

Once thought to be dead, this movie returns from the ashes. Doughy pizza sucks.

Trim Hunterz
A special game about two very special boys.