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2014 Updates

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Posted by Shawn on January 31, 2014
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I know my updates tend to be few and far between, but I'm always working on something.

First off, a tiny bit of site maintenance. I finally got around to adding extra star icons for members that have been registered here for over 6 years. I also updated my profile pic and icon, because those pictures were getting pretty old. I think the one I chose is still 1-2 years old, but close enough :p

Escape the Office has been out on Addictinggames for a while now, but it's now on Newgrounds, Kongregate, and most importantly, here.

I fixed a long-overdue bug in TW3 that stopped users from being able to complete the training scenarios (due to the magnum doing reduced damage). Next week I plan to start on one final update for TW3, so keep an eye out.

In terms of new projects I still have two very large ones that I'm working on, and unfortunately I still can't say much about them. Soon, soon...

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